The Best Stay Over Option for a Vacation in Kerala – Munnar Resorts

Munnar, the land of lush green hill ranges and spice plantations, is undeniably beautiful. The awe-inspiring, untainted beauty of Nature that resides in this hill station has made it a first choice among the nature lovers. Munnar is one of the most loved hill stations in the country. One can’t explore the beauty of Munnar in a day. It will take some time and if you don’t stay for a few days in Munnar, your trip would be incomplete. Searching for a lodging facility can be a hectic task, but do not worry. We have prepared a list of the best resorts in Munnar, which are suitable for every sort of travellers ranging from budget to luxury seekers.

Broad Bean Resort and Spa, Munnar

Broad Bean Munnar

Located in Chithirapuram, a place of picturesque scenic beauty, Broad Bean resort is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful lush greenery. This has made the resort one of the most sought-after lodging facilities in Munnar. Chithirapuram is barely a 30-minute drive from Munnar town and is close to various spots in the tourist destination. But that is not all, the resort offers enticing facilities for all sorts of travellers ranging from those seeking luxury to budget travellers. The rooms and suites of Broad Bean are mainly divided into four categories namely Premium Suite, Honeymoon Suite, Executive club and Superior Club. The rooms are classified in such a way that it favours every customer’s interest. Almost every room in the resort offers stunning vistas where the guests can enjoy Nature in its best form. The rooms are provided with all the basic amenities like cable TV connection, sofa sets, large spacious bed, water supply, free Wi-Fi, spacious washroom and complimentary toiletries. Another striking feature of the resort is the activities that are organised by the management.  The activities include fishing, cooking classes, trekking, rock climbing, Nature walks, bird watching, plantation tour, campfire, Ayurvedic Spa sessions and many more. The rates of the rooms come in the range of 9000 INR – 13000 INR per night.

Chandy’s Windy Woods

Chandy's Windy Woods

Chandy’s Windy Woods is a popular name in Munnar. Situated in Pallivasal, a famous village in Munnar, this resort offers a serene and heavenly environment for you to stay. The resort is set amidst the hill ranges bathed in greenery and seems to touch the milky clouds. Needless to say, the rooms and suites open to marvellous vistas. The best time is when the sun sets in Munnar, a reddish-orange tinge fills up the violet sky and the floating clouds, as it throws its mesmerizing shade on the white and grey walls of the resort. The hotel of the resort is a 4-tiered building. The entire resort is designed in a contemporary style but also incorporates traditional methods in running the place. The resort also offers a myriad of activities like bird watching, nature walks, trekking, forest tours and even mountain biking for that perfect adrenaline rush! All these features have made Chandy’s Windy Woods one of the sterling resorts in Munnar. The rates range from 11,000 INR to 20,000 INR per night. Yes, the rates may look a bit pricey, but they guarantee services par excellence.

The Panoramic Getaway

The Panoramic Getaway

The Panoramic Getaway is the luxury seeker’s dream! The building boasting a luxurious contemporary design is set amidst the luscious green plantations overlooking the mighty rolling hills. The Panoramic Getaway, true to its name displays a breath-taking panorama of the spice plantations and the hills. It has some very unique features that make it stand out from the rest of the hotels and resorts in the area. It is the first resort in Munnar to have introduced certain exciting facilities like a helipad, a rooftop Neo-Zen spiritual garden, a heated infinity pool and even their own tea gardens. Guests can select from an array of rooms grouped into 5 main categories where the rate varies from 12,000 INR to 20,000 INR. Every room provides a wonderful view of the sunset. Another special feature of the resort is its renowned restaurant Aimie, which serves scrumptious food prepared in an authentic manner. If you want to know what South-Indian food tastes like, do head to this wonderful restaurant. The family room of Panoramic Getaway is also very famous for its contemporary facilities. The landscape in which it is built is also stunning. The Panoramic Getaway would be an ideal place for a great stay.

Forest Glade

Forest Glade

Located in the picturesque beauty of Pallivasal in Munnar, Forest Glade is considered to be one of the best hotels coming under the 4-star category. It is placed on top of a hill and assures a splendid view of the tea and spice plantations along with the lush green meadows and wildflowers. For those seeking a luxurious stay, Forest Glade would be an ideal choice without a doubt. The spacious balconies and the interesting garden porticos are given for every room, which makes this hotel even more special. The rates of the suites fall in the range of 5000 INR to 14,500 INR per night. So, next time when you visit Munnar do not forget the name Forest Glade.

The Fog Resort and Spa

The Fog Resort and Spa

The Fog Resort and Spa is a well-known resort in Munnar that is located in Chitirapuram. Chitirapuram is a gorgeous place and Fog Resort and Spa is set in a very impressive location, surrounded by misty hill ranges, gardens and meadows holding a variety of indigenous flora. The resort is especially famous for the array of tourist activities that they offer. The activities offered include short treks, campfires, boat and jeep safaris, elephant rides, nature walks, off-road mountain cycling, excursions to tea and coffee plantation, Yoga sessions and cooking classes by gourmet chefs. The Fog Resort and Spa are famous amongst honeymooners and families. The Fog Villas are highly recommended as it is set in the woods with fantastic beauty and will help you reconnect with Nature. The rates range from 5500 INR to 14500 INR. If you are looking for an ideal place to stay over during your honeymoon, then look no further, the Fog Resort and Spa is the place you are looking for.


Tips For Hotel Booking In Kerala, Make Your Stay Comfortable And Budget-Friendly

While travelling to a state like Kerala which is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the south, tourist mostly chooses to hire a travel operator or choose a tour package where mostly the organizers decide your destination to stay. It is true that a tour operator could plan a perfect vacation for you but he will not be able to select a hotel of your interest without you getting involved in the selection. The reason is very simple, only you will have the perfect idea of the budget and the facilities you would prefer while choosing a hotel or a resort. Kerala is a land known as the tourist hub and house a number of different facilitated resorts, hotels, home stays, villas and more. If you are planning a trip to Kerala to explore the natural beauty, climatic condition, wilderness, history culture and more under affordable rates and is particular about your selection of hotel or resorts do not depend completely on the travel operators in selecting your accommodation. The travel operators in Kerala mostly recommend hotels they get a better feedback from the previous guest. It would be best for you to take their recommendation and cross-check the ratings and the review of the hotel before confirming the booking. While planning a trip to Kerala the first thing that you should do would be to select the itinerary after which you could ask the travel operators to send the hotel preference from which you could select one after doing an in-depth research of the recommended hotel list. There are a number of things that you could take care of before finalizing a hotel or resort to stay listed below are some of such important elements to be taken care of before selecting a hotel or a resort.

  • Budget hotel, to plan a cost-effective trip


Finding a budget stay in Kerala is something very easy. The state is one of the most visited travel destinations in the country and thus houses a number of hotels and resorts which will offer you the best stay in cheap rates. But my personal opinion will be to select an average budgeted hotel as cheap hotels would lack cleanliness, facilities and safety. You can choose hotels which would start from a price range of 1500/INR like the Broad Bean in Kochi which would offer you with all the basic facilities. If you prefer to have a decent stay enjoying the beauty of the destinations in Kerala it would be the best to opt hotel from budget category while you could select hotels from other luxury categories if you prefer to enjoy a stay with all the facilities.

  • Location of the hotel to enjoy the beauty of the destination


Some people would love to stay in the city enjoying the facilities offered while there are travelers who would love to stay in hotels and resorts which offer them with the best view of the location. Kerala being a state with a number of hill stations, backwaters and such destination with natural beauty it is very important to select the location of your hotel or resort according to your preferences. Most of the tourist destinations in Kerala house a number of hotels and resorts which are located outside the city allowing the travelers to enjoy the majestic view of the hills, valley and plantations but there are good accommodation options which are close to the city as well. I personally would like to enjoy a stay in amidst the beauty of nature while on a holiday as it would be budget friendly and will be the best destination where I could enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy a relaxing holiday. But the preference would vary from person to person, so before confirming a booking makes sure that you check the hotel location.

  • Hotel category, to ease your selection according to the preference


Resorts and hotels in Kerala are mostly grouped into different categories depending on the facilities offered for the travelers or the rating and the stars. Most of the tourist destinations in Kerala house a hotel of all different categories ranging from cheap average facilitated hotels or resorts to the best-facilitated luxury hotels and resorts. In Kerala, it would be the best for you to choose resorts than going for five-star hotels as they offer more room amenities and services as compared to the luxurious five-star hotels. You could choose your accommodation depending on your expectation, budget and your standard of living.

  • Food quality and food options as per your preference


Kerala has a delicious cuisine which is one main factor that attracts travelers from around the world to the place. While choosing a hotel or resort to stay in the travel destinations of Kerala makes sure that they provide you with all you need. Food preference would differ from person to person as there are vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. The preference for food is something very important as your complete tour would get spoiled if gets affected by the quality of the food. Most of the hotels and resorts in Kerala houses own restaurants. If you are a pure vegetarian make sure that the food preference tops your priority list. Resorts in Kerala offer 4 categories of booking wherein European plan booking is only for the accommodation and in a Continental plan; you will have a complimentary breakfast. In Modified American plan, you will be looking for a room with complimentary breakfast and dinner and in addition, there is resort and hotels in Kerala which offer American plan where you’re booking will have a complimentary breakfast, dinner and lunch.

In most of the tourist destinations in Kerala, the tourism department and the government have getup tourist homes and resorts under very cheap price to promote tourism. It is mostly the accommodation facilities that affect the growth of tourism in Kerala. To resolve this issue the Kerala government this the tourism and hospitality department have set up a number of new rules in hospitality and tourism. To enjoy the best of tourism in Kerala it is necessary to look into the above-given elements while booking a hotel in the destination to visit.



If you were to ask me which is my favorite travel destination I would definitely say the little coastal state of South India, Kerala. Why? In the light of my personal experience, travelling becomes more fun when you have a great place to stay. Probably this is why Kerala is known as one of the best destinations to travel without any hassles. The amazing range of hotels and resorts in Kerala make travelling much easier for tourists visiting the ‘God’s own Country’. All my visits to Kerala have been made extra fun and stress-free by the hotels I stayed in. From budget hotels in Munnar to 4 star hotels in Cochin to luxury beach resorts in Kovalam, I have found the best and had a cosy stay too. No booking issues, no unfair charge issues. In fact, I have had no issues at all staying in these resorts and hotels. The top class facilities combined with amazing food and friendly staff made things much easier for me and I could enjoy my holidays to the fullest! This is one of the reasons why I love a vacation in Kerala. In this write-up, I will be listing out the best budget hotels in Kerala which are both pocket-friendly and classy.

Silver Wood Resort


Silver Wood Resort is one of the best budget resorts of Wayanad that provides classy and luxurious stay. The resort has a number of very spacious villas with all the desired facilities of the guest. Moreover, it is situated in a very peaceful environment covered with greenery and wilderness. You have so many different sorts of villas with different facilities to choose from. They are Natural, Royale villas, Primero villas, Romantico villas, Espacio Libre, Prestigio villas, Sky Romantico villas, and Emperador villas. All these villas provide you with an amazing view of the scenic beauty of Wayanad. Each one of the villas has facilities like a mini snacks bar, hot and cold water, jacuzzi and bathtub in bathrooms. All the rooms are air-conditioned with an Led TV and cable connection. The Emperador Villas are the most spacious of all the villas with 2500 sq. feet area. The villas contain two bedrooms along with a living room that is very spacious. You also get a beautiful view of the water running from the Banasura Hills. Whereas the Royal Villa, provides a nice living room, a dining hall along with a dressing area. The best part of such a villa is the presence of Jacuzzi in the balcony. The Romantic villa is all for honeymooners and couples who wish for a quiet romantic time together in the presence of the flowing streams and the beautiful range of mountains. The Sky Romantico Villa has rooms which are really spacious. The rooms have an area of 1100 sq feet and the bathroom is around 180 sq feet. Prestigio Villas have rooms with attached bathrooms and a very spacious outdoor area. Apart from all these delightful settings the resort also organizes indoor and outdoor tourist activities like trekking, rock climbing, nature walk, bird watching, visiting spice plantations, fishing, boating etc. Silver Wood Resorts are among-st the best resorts in Wayanad and is the perfect nest for you to relax after your tour.

Broad Bean Resort and Spa


Broad Bean Resort and Spa located amidst the misty hills of Munnar. If you were to ask the locals for some of the best budget hotels and resorts in Munnar, Broad Bean Resort would top the list. The resort is so popular in the region due to its amazing range of rooms and suites that come at reasonable prices and great facilities. When it comes to rooms and suites, the travelers have four options from which they can choose; the Deluxe Room, the Executive Room, Honeymoon Suite and the Premium Suite. The rooms are categorized according to the facilities given and the prices charged, so that is easier for the guests to choose their rooms. Almost all the rooms are provided with the desired facilities and requirements like comfortable sofa settees, bottled water, TV with cable connection, telephone, free WiFi and spacious bathrooms with continuous water supply (both hot and cold). Moreover, the rooms in Broad Bean promise magnificent vistas of the azure sky and the beautiful green hill ranges of Munnar. The resort also organizes various tourist activities like fishing, trekking, nature walks, bird watching, cooking classes, plantation tour and yoga sessions. The hotel also has a spa center where they provide authentic Ayurvedic massages and spas for their customers. Help is always at hand at Broad Bean as it has a 24-hour help desk to provide any sort of support to the guests at any hour of the day. The hotel also provides provisions like a doctor-on-call for emergencies, laundry service, babysitting services etc. for their guests. Broad Bean is the ideal choice if you are a traveler looking for a budget stay with best services and classy facilities.

Hotel Excellency


Hotel Excellency is situated in the most relevant streets of Kochi, M.G Road, and is a favorite among middle-aged couples travelling to Kochi. The hotel is just a few kilometers from the Ernakulam Railway Station which makes it even more preferable among tourists. Set in a vintage style, the rooms of this hotel will definitely invoke beautiful memories of olden days. The elegantly furnished rooms come with comfortable spaces and bathrooms with proper facilities. The Excellency Hotel has a total of 68 rooms considering both A/c and non-A/c rooms at the most reasonable price. The hotel also provides travel packages and assistance in sightseeing activities. The Excellency Hotel is particularly famous for its authentic Ayurvedic massages provided by experienced practitioners of Kerala. ‘Exotica’ is the multi-cuisine restaurant in Hotel Excellency that provides scrumptious food from all the desired cuisines like Chinese, North Indian, Continental and Keralite. Hotel Excellency is one of the most popular budget hotels in Kochi that charges reasonably for satisfying their customers.

Vythiri Village Resort


When it comes to luxury cum budget resorts in Wayanad, Vythiri Village Resort is one of the most sought-after ones. Vythiri Village Resort is situated amidst the hill ranges of Wayanad at a height of 2600 feet above sea level. This resort is spread across 20 acres of land. The resort is so spacious that it has 200 guest rooms, halls with all the modern facilities driven by technology. Other facilities include a grand multi-cuisine restaurant, mini bar, WiFi, LCD television, swimming pool etc. The village resort even has an Ayurvedic Wellness Resort set up for pampering their guests. The architecture of this resort definitely needs to be praised. It is a perfect blend of the modern and traditional style of architecture which is quite appealing and is one of the best features of the resort. Set amidst the forests and hill ranges, the resort offers a stay of such tranquility that rejuvenates every sense of yours. The resort also provides you with camping facilities near the Karanchi Stream, where you unwind and relax. Next time when you are in Wayanad, make it a point to find accommodation for yourself in this wonderful resort at the best prices available.

Munnar, the Misty Hills with Accommodation in Vast

Located to the southernmost tip of Indian, Kerala is one of the most demanding and sought after travel destination in the country that grabs the attention and the interest of the travellers to a greater extent with its rich greenery and natural beauty. This is one main reason for the place to be referred to as the traveller’s hub to the south. Among all the best attractions and travel destinations of Kerala, the misty hills of Munnar hold a special place and importance among the travellers for the immense beauty and the cold climate that the place holds within. Being one of the most explored travel destinations to the western ghats of Kerala, accommodation in Munnar is a bit difficult than the other travel destination in the state. Most of the hotels and resort located in the hills of Munnar are mostly fully occupies with travellers or would charge high. While travelling to the misty hills of Munnar Hotel accommodation is one thing that the traveller has to be cautious about. Most of the travel operators while choosing the hotel for accommodation at Munnar look into the budget and give away all the other necessities like the location of the place and more. There a5re a number of things that one should keep in mind while choosing a hotel in the misty hills of Kerala. Listed below are some of the important things that one should keep in mind while making a booking at Munnar.


The location of the hotel

While selecting a hotel at Munnar it is important that you look for the location of the hotel. Munnar the place is filled with a number of hotels located at different locations. To enjoy the best of the hills in Munnar the ideal that you choose your accommodation a bit into the hills closer to the travel attractions. Even though the rates would be high this would be the best option for travellers who wish to enjoy the beauty of the hills in luxury. The place also holds in a number of budget hotels like Broad Bean which is located in mid-way this would be the best accommodation option for travellers who wish to enjoy a budget-friendly accommodation.

The category of the hotel

The hotels in Munnar are being divided into 2 broad categories like the luxury hotels and the budget hotels. Before making the booking it is very important that you know your needs. The luxury hotels in Munnar are costlier and start.  From a minimum price range of 7000/INR per night and offer the travellers with best luxury accommodation. Most of such hotels would have an in-house restaurant and even bar facilities. The budget hotels available at the misty hills of Munnar offer the travellers the best accommodation at affordable rates. Not too luxurious but the budget hotels in Munnar would be the best option for travellers wishing to explore the land at a pocket-friendly rate.


The facilities made available at the hotel

Most of the traveller exploring the hills of Munnar plan to enjoy a luxurious stay. In such cases before confirming a hotel at the place makes sure that they would offer you all that you need. There are travellers who prefer to enjoy a vegetable cuisine; even though vegetarian options are made available at most of the hotels in Munnar it is important that you make it sure with the in-house restaurant at the hotel. Laundry, cab services are all some of the other facilities that are being offered to travellers by most o the hotels in Munnar and such travel destinations in Kerala.

Hotel accommodation in Munnar and such well-known travel destinations in Kerala is one thing that most of the traveller find it hard and thus leave the responsibility of choosing the hotel to the travel operators alone and then get cheated. To make, the accommodation and the trip to travel destinations like Munnar easier and fun it is the best that you choose you modes of accommodations on your own or by being involved in the process.

Why are the Resorts in Kerala so Popular?

The popularity of Kerala as a tourist destination is surging up year by year. It has become a hot favorite of romantic couples around the world and that is probably why Kerala is now being considered as one of the best romantic destinations as well. The moderate tropical climate, the ever favourite monsoons are all attracting more and more tourists every year. Well, it is not just the climate but also a large number of unique tourist spots that are attracting honeymooners, families and solo travellers alike. The best thing about Kerala is that you find bits of everything you need here. It is a traveller’s paradise! Be it places blessed by nature or those with historical touches or those with modern hues of the party culture, this state has it all covered for you. The lush green Munnar and its sprawling tea gardens, the National Parks of Wayanad, housing a great variety of indigenous species of flora and fauna, the paddy fields of Alleppey with a splash of the lightest shade of green made brighter by the very touch of sunlight and watching it while cruising the backwaters are the sights that would fill the heart of any Nature lover while the Bekal Fort of Kasargod, Jewish Synagogue of Fort Kochi and the numerous clubs of Kochi are the favourites of history and party lovers. While these destinations do attract tourists, the last few decades have shown a rise in the popularity of the resorts in Kerala which are being filled in by tourists throughout the year. The beautifully structured architectures resembling a blend of the authentic and modern styles, located in a very serene ambiance in the backdrop of much sought after tourist destinations are turning into crowd pullers. The special packages that include numerous fun-filled and rejuvenating activities offered by a popular range of hotels and Resorts in Kerala like Broad Bean are pulling in more and more tourists. So, what is it that makes these resorts so much desirable?


Taste of the Authentic Kerala Cuisine

The resorts of Kerala not only look authentic but serve authentic food in traditional manners. The much-loved cuisine of Kerala is a perfect blend of spices. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of Kerala are prepared by using the local ingredients and the aromatic spices grown in the valleys of spice hubs. One can experience the delectable cuisine of Kerala in these resorts prepared by experienced local chefs. The favorites like rice and the tangy fish curry which creates a burst of flavors in the taste buds, mashed tapioca with meat, the local favorite, porotta (flatbread made with maida) and beef and the much sought after Sadya, served in a banana leaf are all served in the most traditional manner. Moreover, the resorts arrange a full-fledged romantic candlelight dinner in all its grandeur under the moonlit night sky. These are the many reasons as to why the honeymooners from far and wide come flocking in search of the best resorts in Kerala.


The modern blend of traditions

The resorts are constructed in such a way that it gives you the authentic feel of Kerala while it even satisfies the modern aspects of thoughts in you. The exteriors of the resorts resemble the traditional houses of Kerala where the rooftops are made from slates made from red clay. The roofs resemble the shape of a pyramid. But the interiors consist of luxurious rooms adorned by the modern style of architecture. So, you get to see a beautiful blend of modern and traditional architecture, with all the facilities that will fulfill your priorities and requirements. The luxurious rooms come with a great view of the tourist spot it is located in. These resorts set in the backdrop of the evening sun and the shade of coconut groves is a sight to behold.


Interesting Activities Conducted

The resorts are a complete package of entertainment and relaxation that are simply perfect for a great vacation. Most of the resorts in Kerala conduct activities and entertainment programs which keeps attracting more and more tourists. Almost all Resorts which are considered the best, organize activities like cooking classes where they teach you to cook authentic dishes of Kerala, walking along picturesque locations, fishing in little ponds adorned by water lilies, a wonderful campfire along with the groovy Dj to which you can shake a leg, a tour through the tourist spot or bird watching. Kerala has a very rich culture with a strong base in intriguing art forms. Kerala has to its credit some amazing art forms like Kathakali which is loved by tourists. Travellers come in search of this art from far and wide. This renowned art form is performed under the night sky. Skilled artists perform as the characters of a mythical tale. As they perform, the mythical tales are narrated in the background in the form of enthralling songs. Mohinyattam and Thiruvathira are other dance forms which are very much popular among tourists. The resorts of Kerala make all the arrangements for the tourists to enjoy the authentic dance forms of the land like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, and Thiruvathira performed by very talented dancers of Kerala without losing its authenticity.


Ayurvedic Massages and Spas      

“God’s own Country”, Kerala is the birthplace of Ayurveda and there is no other place in the world where you can get ayurvedic massages and treatments. One of the reasons why the resorts in Kerala have been so much sought after is the introduction of Ayurvedic massages and spas.

The rejuvenating massages are a favorite among tourists and many of them come to Kerala just to get these exceptionally effective massages of the age-old science of medicine called Ayurveda.

The resorts here provide these massages done in the most authentic manner by trained ayurvedic masseuse. Next time you come to Kerala for a stay in the resorts here, make sure you choose a package which includes Ayurvedic massages so that you can indulge in peaceful moments and go back home all rejuvenated.

So, what are waiting for? Book your stay in the luxurious resorts of Kerala now itself!

A Pleasant Celebration Amidst the Alarming Days

There are certain points in life when we just can’t postponed anything for that matter but all the required care is to be taken in order to combat the situation. Such has been the present time at Kerala where we just could not stop from conducting the baby,s 28-day celebration. All the invitation had already been made and all the required arrangements had been done where we had decided to conduct the ceremony in a  nearby hotel, Broad Bean.
The situation of Nipah virus was of concern where utmost care was being taken in order to combat the situation. but we just could not stop living outdoor due to which we took all the required steps with the help of the hotel and decided to conduct the ceremony.
The guests were reassured that they can confidently come in for the event and all that is required as a caution would be done by us. As a matter of fact I got in touch with Broad bean and clearly mentioned to them regarding having the complete assurance of having a safe ceremony with their help. They agreed to all the planning and the programme the other day of the ceremony as we had guests coming from various places to Kannur for this purpose.


Rooms had been booked in the Best Hotel in Kerala where I called the hotel and asked them to give the air protective mask and a sanitizer. I could not be at the place to receive the guests but the receptionist of Broadbean did the best job by taking care of all of them and the very next day, the banquet hall was set up for the function where we had taken care that the baby won’t be getting in touch with a lot of people where most of my friends and family cooperatively understood. Sanitizers had been kept everywhere inside the room. Once the people had been inside and the ceremony was over, everyone had been out of the panic mood. All of them were asked to leave the gifts and the belongings in a small room that was attached on to the banquet hall.
By then it was food time where the boys who had been serving the food had been wearing their masks and had also been taking the proper precautionary care. Food was kept on each table and was refilled as it got over. The service was very precise that I didn’t really have to run around making sure every little thing was all right. There were some strict vegetarians in the family who did not like to be anywhere around non vegetarian cuisines due to which a separate place had been made for them to sit and eat comfortably. Good vegetarian food had also been prepared for them.
Bottles of water had been provided to the people on each table as well. We have set up a small section for kids where a television had been set up which kept playing cartoon as it was the only way we found to keep the kids inside the hall. Small slides and play house had also been set up there by the hotel. When it was almost the time, we also set up a small microphone through which we thanked all the guests for coming and showering the ceremony with blessings. Our parents also began talking where we required an extra mike which was immediately set up by Broad Bean when we had asked them.  The talking went on for a while where quite a lot of parenting advice came our way. By then the bearers kept tea and coffee by setting up a small table in the corner of the hall. The people who wanted it could ask and the bearers would serve it. The kids had been dropping things around but the kids had been so much when the snacks were served but it was all cleaned time to time which had been really helpful. to everyone and by then it was almost an end to the program as well.
All our cousins and siblings who had come for the ceremony had been staying in the hotel. So once people started to leave, we took the baby to one of the rooms booked as she needed a quick clean up. Certain kids had been sleeping where they were also taken to the room. We vacated the hall once everyone was gone and sat there in the room with our parents and siblings. It was just 6 pm in the evening where we got some food ordered into the room. Everyone inside had been telling all possible ways to keep away from the present scenario difficulties as we just wanted everyone to be all safe. And in case everyone around is like the staffs at Broadbean, there will be so much of peace around where cleanliness will always be maintained and a safe living environment will be maintained.
When it almost time to leave, I got all the valuable gifts we had received from the safe locker which helped us big time in keeping things safe. The cousins had been staying in the night and would be leaving only by the next day due to which I made the arrangement for buffet dinner for them in the best hotel of Kannur. We had dinner at the restaurant sitting along with our parents and then decided to leave. My wife walked to the car while I went to the reception. The whole ceremony had hence been over where I had a sigh of relief that there was no panic among the whole ceremony as I would have struggled slightly enough in case I had not got their helping hand. I thanked the hotel for they had been a lot more helpful in conducting the whole thing in the best possible manner. I paid the dues of money and the porters helped me get all the gifts into the car. And that way, the whole function came into a very pleasant end.

A Top Conglomerate Meet Conducted with the Best Amenities

Most of the multinational level meetings require the same level of facilities to make it absolutely grand. And when an event is handed to the major event planner companies, the best is always rendered for them. And being one among them, the effort to make the best out of it is the main target. Each and every event these days are through collaborations and hence the authorities see to it that they provide the best event planners with the chance of conducting it. A meeting of one such collaboration had recently been handed over to us where we decided to make all the required arrangements with the help of Broad Bean, one of the Best Hotels in Kochi where the meeting was conducted. A number of important officials had been arriving from various places and hence their stay had been facilitated in the same hotel for the convenience. Presidential rooms were booked for the travellers coming from various countries for two whole days on request. The event was conducted on a Saturday and the arrival started on Friday evening. An approximate number of 24 people had arrived from various companies The people were invited with flowers and bouquets and escorted to the rooms that had been air-conditioned and provided with packaged drinking bottles. For the entertainment purpose, carrom boards and other game requirements had been stored in each room which the inmates could use.


The dinner that night was arranged in the multi-cuisine restaurant in the hotel where they were provided with the required cuisines as per the order. Table reservations were done and hence the dinner night went on without a lot of hassles. There were more guests arriving by midnight for whom the food had been packed in Thermo boxes and on arrival, the food was provided to the guests in their respective rooms. A detailed brochure with the facilities being offered to the inmates of the hotel was kept in the room during the room cleaning so that the required facilities could be attained without a second thought. As the rooms are OYO equipped, almost every bath essential had been stored in the rooms. The required bath towels, bathrobes and tissues had been stored as well so that the guests could have the best stay in the accommodation provided to them. For a comfortable night sleep, mosquito electric repellent was installed in the rooms as well. The hotel had solar system due to which from early morning, the guests had hot water service. The bed coffee was served from 7 am and the orders for breakfast was taken from the people where the food was served through room service facility. The people who had inferred for gym facilities were escorted to the gym and all the orders for food were served by 9 am.


The conference hall had been set up in the best possible way where all the requirements had been installed in the hall. The projector system had been set up in the room with a laptop in which everything as per the instructions of the conductors had been installed. Mikes were set up in a small podium where the speaker could be standing. The hotel already had well-equipped speakers and the room had been extended with the extra amount of chairs as well. Water had been stored and then the room was provided for the meeting. A cordless mike was provided at the request of the company which the hotel had in store making it easy for the conducting of the meeting. The hall was air conditioned and almost all possible things had been provided on the instant requirement. A printer was also enabled in the room in case it was required for any purpose, After the meeting was over, they decided to leave out on a  short sightseeing and a quick requirement of cabs was required which was booked through the hotel where they had been providing with quick facilities.

pano-2For the same night, a dinner night was conducted in the ballroom of the hotel where more guests joined for the successful celebration of the recent pact that they had signed. A number of cuisines had been served for the people who had come from other countries. The ballroom was equipped with a television on which the people could be watching the talkers on stage more clearly. There were a lot of things that had been provided from welcomes drinks, starters to main course and desserts which were individually served on to the tables on which the guests had been dining. A photographer and a videographer had also been set up for the coverage of the programme. The speakers in the ballroom had a light music once the talking was over and a cake that had been pre-ordered was served to them which was cut by top guests of the company.


The guests who required cabs to the airport were provided on a timely basis once the event was over while the others who had their flights scheduled for the next day stayed back in the hotel where they were provided with food in the room as per their request. It was served in the thermal boxes and cleaning was provided as per the request of the inmates other than once a day service. The Hotel in Cochin indeed had extended a helping hand to us in every way. Hence the meeting had been conducted in the best possible way where the higher officials thanked us for our contribution to event planning. We had indeed been helped through by the officials and the reception manager of the hotel where the constant contact helped us through the whole planning. We extended out thanks to the hotel and cleared all the dues after the payment had been sanctioned for us by the company. We look forward to collaborating with them where they had been enthusiastic in cooperating with us and the whole team. The extra addition of amenities was also done in the best possible manner and also on a short notice. This kind of collaboration was indeed the best we had been looking out on for all our collaborations

Hotels and Resorts in Kerala a Stronger Influence on Tourism

To the southernmost tip of the country, Kerala is one of the best and well-known tourist destinations. Even after being a state with enticing beauty and a number of other attractions travellers find it hard and unsatisfactory after being in the place. One of the main reasons for this discomfort is the unavailability of budget hotels or resorts to the tourist destinations which provides the travellers with best facilities under cheap rates. To be more specific it is mostly the rate of the hotels and the lack of facilities that trouble the travellers visiting Kerala. Being one of the most visited travel destinations by both domestic travellers and foreign travellers, the tourist destinations in Kerala houses a number of different modes of accommodation which includes homestays, treetop stays, Hotels, resorts, apartments and more but finding a budget hotel with the best facility is something a bit hard. To promote tourism and to provide the travellers with the best facilitated stay the Kerala tourism and hospitality department has connections with a number of hotels and resorts located at some of the most visited tourist destinations in the state. The misty hills of Munnar and the vegetative wild of Wayanad are the two most prominent tourist destination in Kerala which is explored most by travellers from around the world. Listed below are the best budget hotels and resorts to which travellers could check-in to enjoy the best stay under budget price at Wayanad and Munnar.

 Oxyfarm resort, Wayanad


Set far from the population, pollution and the loud noise of the city, the Oxyfarm resort is one of the best places in the Wayanad where you could enjoy a peaceful and romantic stay. Spread across the Periyar forest range this resort is one of the best places where you could enjoy the beauty of nature and the clear night sky. The place houses, deluxe cottages, and family suites under affordable rates. The price range of the accommodation starts from a minimum of 5000/INR to a maximum of 7000/INR. the resort offers the travellers visiting with a number of other facilities which includes free high-speed Wi-Fi, Kitchen facilities, In-house restaurant serving buffet meals, Snacks with tea, Indoor activities such as carom, chess etc, Library facility, Welcome drink, Herbal water, Badminton court, Walking path along the property for morning treks, Bonfire and BBQ corner.  One of the main attractions of this beautiful resort is that they arrange trekking facilities for the travellers visiting as per the interest.

Misty Hills, Wayanad


Located at Kalpetta, Wayanad; Misty Hills is one of the best budget hotels in the place with rooms ranging from a minimum of 1600/INR to a maximum of 3600/INR. The place provides the travellers visiting with a number of facilities under affordable rates. Being a hotel located in the hills, the place posses one of the best climates that is relaxing and a view of the hills that is breathtaking. One of the main attractions of the hotel is the amenities provided for the travellers which include Adjoining or Interconnecting Rooms which would be perfect for families, Restaurant, Lounge, mini-bar, Body Treatments, Free Newspaper and more. The hotel also let the travellers enjoy the stay by the number of indoor games offered. Travels could also enjoy a relaxing and refreshing body massage at the Massage Centre and also indulge in a number of different water sports offered in the place. In addition to facilities offered you could also avail travel guide and vehicle from the place to enjoy the tour at Wayanad.

Broad Bean Resort & Spa Munnar


Amidst the misty hills of Munnar, broad bean is one of the best resorts where you could enjoy the best-facilitated stray. Located far from the noise and pollution the place is one of the best where you could sit back and relax by revealing of the tension and stress of the travel.

The Ayurvedic spa centre at the resort is one place you could enjoy the magical touch of nature, enjoying the best climate.

One of the main attractions of the place is its location which offers the guest with the majestic view of the hills and the town. The rooms offered in the place starts from a minimum of 6000/INR to a maximum of 13,000/INR. The place offers the guest with a number of other facilities in which one of the main attractions is the message centre.  The resort also offers a number of other facilities to keep the visitors entertained which includes a Swimming pool with kids pool, large natural pond with a small pedal boat, water cascade and natural stream, Indoor and outdoor games, Moon terrace for barbecue and much more.  Apart from the amenities, the resort offers the visitors a chance to indulge in a number of different activities which are the main attraction of the place. Some of such activities offered include Fishing, Yoga & Meditation, Cooking classes, Campfire, Trekking, Plantation tour, Nature walk, Bird watching and more.


Kerala being described as a paradise for travellers houses a number of Resorts and hotels which provide the travellers with the best service. In addition, the state tourism and hospitality department also are also promoting tourism by providing the travellers with the best-facilitated stay. Almost every tourist destination in Kerala houses a number of accommodation facilities which are cheap and facilitated, all that you need is to search in detail. Undertaking the condition where foreign travellers find difficulty in stay the Kerala government have introduced a number of new projects in which new and facilitated accommodation would be made available. Even the hospitality rules are also to be renewed and made strict considering the safety of the visitors. Apart from hotels and resorts, Kerala houses a number of other accommodation facilities which includes camping, homestays, and more. Most of the traveller touring to the scenic destinations in Kerala like hill stations, mountains and forest opt to stay on tree-tops or camp, with a number of options for accommodation and best facilities Kerala is one of the best spots for tourism.

An unexpected event at an extravagant space of the residence.


Certain things happen in our life even though it is the least most expected thing at that point in time. Even though such uncertain events make all of us shook for a second, later by we realize that everything had been for something good. One such incident that happened to me and my friends had been a malfunction in the tourist vehicle we had been travelling at Kochi. While we were on our way to Palakkad, it happened exactly at Vytilla where we were stuck in a situation where we could no longer travel beyond the point. That is when we decided to stay in Broadbean which was the closest hotel that had been located to the place where we had lifted all our pieces of baggage to and got four rooms booked for us in the hotel. It was almost 8 pm and that was one reason that we had planned to stay back at Ernakulam itself. We were 12 in number and has got extra beds through the hotel due to which 4 rooms were all that we required.
The driver called us and said that for a smooth ride, we will have to wait until the next day noon as no repair shops were in service at the night time. We then made way to the rooms and set all our items of baggage inside and decided to freshen up. The people who had been there had been generous in calling us into the room through the phone and told us that we could have dinner either form the multi-cuisine restaurant situated inside the hotel or take a delivery into the room whichever is convenient. We decided to get down and go to the restaurant as there was no point in staying in the room. We ordered almost everything we had been craving for as it had been almost 6 hours at a stretch that we had not had any food. We began with the soup and then proceeded into the main course with the parottas and fried rice they had given us. And then the desserts came which they put in to take away cups so that we could take it to the rooms. After paying the dues, we decided to walk around and know the place. When we got out it had been windy and so we took a quick walk and got back to the hotel.
When I inferred they said that they had gym facilities in the hotel which we can use during our stay in the hotel and also said us that they had an indoor game facility which we could ask for. So we asked them for carom board and got it into our room so that we could have some entertainment for the night. All of us sat in a single room and switched the television on and began playing caroms. Meanwhile few of them got into the bed as they had been dead tired from trekking and things we had done in the morning. And eventually, everyone left to their rooms and the night passed on as all of us had the best sleep. The next day morning, I got up and decided to walk up to the gym when I saw a poster that had been kept in front of the banquet hall which is where the functions are conducted. Somehow, I could recognize the girl in the picture even though I did not remember her name. I went to the gym, did my usual work out and got out. we had asked the reception to serve the coffees and teas into the room. After freshening up, we decided to leave the restaurant to gobble in some food.
And that is when I got down and got to see that my friend Vandana, who had studied with me in high school at Muscat was getting engaged in the Banquet Hall. I inquired when the function would be starting so that I could surprise her. The receptionist informed me that the function begins at 11 pm. I got into the coffee shop, got an extra coffee and then walked to the multi-cuisine restaurant. After breakfast, the driver called and informed us that we could be going at 1 pm and that we have to get set and start moving by then. I went to the room after breakfast and packed everything, got into the finest cloth I had then and went out to get a small present for the friend of mine. But by the time I got back, she had been in front of the hall with her parents and other guests despite which she recognised me from a long distance. I directly gave the gift as I did not know what else to do. I told her how I had reached here and greeted her parents and congratulated her. By then her fiance came and they walked to the hall where the podium had been set for us. Her dad asked me and my friends to come and join them and to leave only after lunch. I informed the driver to come by 2 pm so that we could at least spend some time there.
We got onto the stage, clicked some good pictures with the guy and the girl, and I got to meet some of my friends sitting where we talked about old school memories. And when it was the time for food, we had some sumptuous food and then decided to leave as the driver had come. I personally went to her dad and said him bye and left the hall of the hotel for it had also been the best thing that had happened through a breakdown in Kochi. The fun part had been that totally unexpectedly, I had got to attend a friends engagement and also got to see a number of other friends with whom I had lost all the contacts. That was it about the good thing behind the whole malfunction with the vehicle. We had, in short, had a memorable reunion in there with whoever had been in there, even though it was just 4-5 of them. Our journey back to Palakkad began and we were back on track with our journey.

Two Days of Tranquil Stay at Beautiful Munnar

Munnar is a major destination of visit at Kerala. Every year, a lump sum of people flow from various parts of the world in order to explore this beautifully adorned nature hub of Gods own country. My decision to come to Kerala was all of a sudden and I had done no ground study regarding the destination. But since an escape was necessary, I packed my bags and set off to the Kashmir of South India with my cousins. We reached the destination and checked in to a Best Resorts in Munnar named Broad Bean. As the resort allowed express check-in we were at great luck. As the journey from Mangalore had been tiring, we decided to rest in the premium suite rooms which we had booked with extra beds. They had kept several brochures on the table that had been there. Few of them were regarding the places to sightsee at Munnar and the activities to be done at certain places. With the help of the phone numbers given in it, we made a list of places that we wanted to travel to and made sure that it was all functioning for the next two days. A swimming pool had been there inside the resort where we got together to have a night bath. The setting of the place was pleasant and since it was cold outside, not too many people had been at the poolside. We went for dinner which was included in the stay where we got to know that people could indulge in cooking classes that would be taking place throughout the day. After having a great dinner, we set off to sleep.


The next day, early in the morning, we set off in the car to Attukal. The cars we had been traveling had been booked by the hotel as per we had wanted. In between, we got out to have breakfast after which we reached Attukal. We had planned to trek up to the waterfalls located here. Known as a gushing beauty, we were eager to see the mystical waterfalls. The best part of trekking at Munnar was that nature would take you to much longer distance than you think you could ever trek. The weather had been great and we were already glad that we had made this sudden trip of ours come true. As we reached the falls, we were taken aback by the magic of nature which was the main factor that attracted people to this hill station. After some time of climbing and hiking down, we reached back and started to the next destination which was in our plan was the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary. After a small inspection, we got into the  After exploring the sanctuary which had deer, squirrels, and langurs, we got out and had some snacks from the cafeteria that had been there. Rosegarden was also located close by due to which we decided to visit the place and then go for lunch. A lot of varied flowers had been there which made the place look exceptionally beautiful. We collected some seeds and other things from the shop that had been there and packed it for our mothers.


We had secretly planned a party for one of our cousins whose birthday was on the next day. The hotel had got all the necessary things and set up the moon terrace for a small celebration and surprise. They had also got the food we had ordered and the night turned out to be worth calling a great memory.The next day early in the morning by 6 we set off on a nature walk in the premises of the resort. We had not seen any Luxurious Resorts in Kerala with this amount of beauty. Bird watching was the unplanned activity which we had been doing while walking through the gardens.  We went back and got the fishing hooks and tried our luck in the recreational pond. And then went to the resort, had breakfast and left to the echo point. This place was a great fascination as whatever we spoke loudly would return back to us as echoes. The view of nature from the top was also mesmerizing. We also visited the Mattupetty Dam and  Photo point from where we captured quite a lot of pictures.


The next day morning we were supposed to get back to Mangalore. So we decided to get back to the resort after exploring the places. But as we entered inside, we got to see people who had been playing basket ball. Even though none of us had been pros in it, just for the sake of fun we went had  a friendly match. It was a joke to the onlookers but we had an exceptionally great time. All of us were tired from walking and hiking. The resort had already informed that they had spa facilitates inside. As we were all tired and had enough of  travel sickness, some of us decided to get a spa. I had never got one due which was quite excited about it. Sadly enough, in not more than 10 minutes after my session started, I dozed off to sleep. The feeling after the spa felt exceptionally good too. They also put my feet in the water that had so many flowers in it after massaging something on to the legs. After reaching back to our rooms, we called the room service and got our food delivered in the room as we were quite lazy to get out of the room. The comfort of the place was probably the reason to it. Even though I had been to several other Splendid Resorts in Kerala and hotels, they had been the best in the case of services that had been provided to us in these two days. After gobbling up our last dinner at Munnar, we decided to pack our bags and get set to travel back the next day. As the journey had been great, before going back, we thanked the people in the service section as well as the beautiful Munnar for the great memories we had treasured from the trip.